2014 Prayer Guide


In 2012, our congregation had it’s first year of prayer. It was a great success! So this year, we’ve decided to once again focus on prayer–looking at twelve Bible prayers that could change your life.

We will be publishing a prayer guide (available on Jan. 26, in print and online). We will also be posting each month on our website (listed on this page). We hope you will join us as we commit to grow through prayer this year! 

Twelve Bible Prayers That Could Change Your Life:

Using This Prayer Guide:

This prayer guide is based on prayers from the Bible. That is to say, it contains twelve prayer themes, one for each month, with examples from the Bible of how and why people prayed these prayers.

The guide is intended to help our congregation focus on prayer and the Bible through 2014, but not in the typical “devotional” way. I have found over the many years that I have pastored, that most people find it difficult to stay focused and interested in daily devotionals that include prayer and Bible reading–they can become tedious and mundane.

So I have prepared this guide with that in mind. The prayer guide is “weekly” focused, so you can do it once a week, or every day. You can take a few minutes, or you can dig deeper by doing the extra reading given at the end of each session.

The idea is to make prayer accessible to everyone–the one who prays often and the one who does not. You can read it at your own pace, and you can go backwards or forwards if you like, re-reading sections that you have found particularly helpful.

The key to success with this guide is to make the full year commitment, to read each section at least one a month, and consider prayer through that month as the guide recommends. If you do so, you will certainly grow more focused in your prayer life, and hopefully, you will notice yourself becoming more aware of God’s presence in your life, and His desire to draw closer to you.

Digging Deeper:

At the end of each section is a few added resources under the designation, “digging deeper.” These are extra prayer resources that I think you might find helpful. Some are Bible readings and some are book recommendations.

As for the books, we do not offer them at the church, but they can be readily purchased from Amazon.com or Christianbook.com. There is an appendix at the back of the guide with the list prices for the books, and the websites that you may purchase them through. If I have listed them, I have read them, so if you want to know more before you buy, I would be glad to share my thoughts.

So let us all pray through 2014. And whether you pray little or much, join us, as we join together with the many that call on the name of Jesus Christ. Let us invite God to change us, and make us into his new creation.