Christian Character

Christian Character – Faithfulness

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The Bible says that we are to have glad and thankful hearts, and what better way to show our thanks than to live faithful lives.  So let us all build up Christian character in our lives and grow the fruit of Faithfulness. So that in all things, He might find us faithful.

Christian Character – Self-Control

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As we study this topic, let us all be encouraged that even the most impulsive of people – namely, Peter himself, was used by God, as he slowly learned how to control himself.  And just like Peter, our faith will be fruitful if and when we learn self-control.

Christian Character – Patience is a Virtue

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We are an impatient people and we don’t like to wait, but when it comes to our Christian character, waiting is the only way to build the character that God wants us to have.  There are no short cuts!

Christian Character – Building Christian Character

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Pastor Dan will begin a four week preaching series on the true nature of Christian Character and how we can live up to our calling in Christ.  We will examine several fruits of the Spirit and learn how we can be the person God has called us to be – men and women of Christian character and integrity.