Super Jesus

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I do not think highly of the book of Revelation: Christ is neither taught nor known in it… Therefore I stick to the books which present Christ to me clearly and purely.

Martin Luther

Most Christians, like Martin Luther, think about Jesus in terms of the Gospels, that is to say, most Christians think about mercy, grace, and suffering when they think about Jesus — someone who is easily approachable, humble and willing to spend time with sinful people. THAT Jesus is hard to find in Revelation. In fact, He’s nowhere to be found. Instead, we find a much different Jesus, one that looks and acts a great deal like a cosmic superhero, instead of a carpenter from Galilee.

Today, in his second message on Revelation, Pastor Dan will introduce us to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, and at the same time, help us understand the “symbolic” nature of the apocalypse, and offer more teaching on how to “see” the words.