Samuel: The Kingmaker – The God of the Gaps

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The ark remained at Kiriath Jearim a long time—twenty years in all.

1 Sam 7:2

In the Bible there are great stories of God’s redemption, amazing stories of God’s power, and wonderful stories of God’s love.  You might say that the Bible is filled with stories about God’s incredible actions in human history.  You might say that – but you would be wrong!

The truth is, most of the biblical record, most of the time, from Genesis to the book of Acts, is filled with God doing not much of anything at all.  Most of the Bible is filled with long periods of non-action, or what some call, gaps.

Today pastor Dan will teach us how to understand and serve the God of the Gaps – the God who is not parting the Red sea, or speaking from a mountain, or walking on the water.  Today we will learn what it means to serve a God who speaks with a still small voice.