Samuel: The Kingmaker Introduction

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About 3000 years ago, a child was dropped off and left by his mother at a holy site in Israel.  That child, who was put in the care of a stranger, and who would only occasionally see his family, would grow to become one of the most important men in history.  And while we often remember those around him more than that child himself, God would use that young boy to become, by all measure, the King Maker of Israel.

That boy’s name was Samuel.

Today we begin a study in the life and times of Samuel, the great prophet and priest of Israel, and as we study his life, we will learn about a God who is relentless in His will, and shows no favoritism, even to the most devout people.  And we will learn that the plans of men mean nothing unless they are fully in tune with the plans of God.  Today we begin our study in the plans of God, and it is my hope that, in the end, each of us will find ourselves fully and completely in the Plan and Will of   the great and powerful God.