Samuel: The Kingmaker – David The Serial Killer

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Have you ever learned something about someone that made you think differently about them?  You find out that a person you respected has not acted with integrity, or you discover that someone you look up to has acted shamefully?  Today we will shine a light on the less known stories of King David, and, as we will see, there are a lot of troubling things happening in the shadows of his life.

Today we dig into the underworld of ancient Israel, where people lose their lives on a whim, and where being an enemy of the King is a very dangerous thing.  Today we consider the worst of King David.  Today we discover that David was a killer – a serial killer!

Do not fear, however, because even at his worst, David could not fall out of God’s grace.  He would be punished, but in the end, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.