Samuel: The Kingmaker – Be Careful Who You Follow

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Peer Pressure, Group mentality, Blending in, Keeping up  – It’s amazing how much human beings want to be like everyone else – and everyone from politicians to corporations know this, and use it to their advantage.

But we Christians are called to be different, to stand out, to be salt and light.  We Christians are not supposed to be, or to want to be, like everyone else.  And that’s the problem in 1 Samuel chapter 8.


The people of God wanted a King, not because they need one, and not because a King could save them from anything in particular.  No, the reason they wanted a king was … everyone else had one!


How strange it must have been to God’s ears to hear His chosen people tell Him they wanted to be like “the other nations.”  Yet, that is exactly what they wanted.  And sadly, it is often what Christians today want – to be both in Christ, and in the world.


They have not rejected you Samuel, the have rejected Me!

1 Sam 8:7