Ask for your inheritance – David Phillips

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Only once in a while do we talk about this topic:  an inheritance.  Some people are fortunate enough to receive an inheritance after someone dies.  It might be money, or gems, or diamonds, or property or a business that passes from one generation to another. Sometimes nasty disagreements break out among family members over how an inheritance is to be divided up.  This can even become the topic of a novel or a famous movie.


However, Psalm 2:8 shows us that the Lord wants to give us another kind of inheritance.  He says, “Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance.”  What this means today – for all of us – is the topic of today’s  message.  Three young people, Emmanuel, Calvin and Roselaide Decker are helping Pastor David Phillips to present the message.  Listen carefully, because you may learn something new about the Lord’s desire to bless others through your prayers!  Afterwards you may come to the front and see – that is, hold in your hands! – copies of Bibles from many different languages.