A City Called Heaven – David Phillips

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“We spend most of our time, almost all of it, thinking about our daily lives.  Rarely do we give a thought about Heaven.  Yet, the Bible, which begins with the story of Adam and Eve in a paradise called the Garden of Eden, continues to reveal more and more about Heaven.  By the time we reach the last page of the Bible, we know so much about our future – about what it will be like to be with the Lord forever.

Many things are not found in Heaven and in today’s message we’ll learn about  them:  sighing, struggles, suffering, sadness, swords and spears, sickness, Satan, the sun, the sanctuary, sermons, sanctification, strife and stumbling stones.

More important, what will we find in Heaven?  Our Savior, our Shepherd, The Street, service, songs and singing, shouting, springs of water, salvation, much splendor … and much more!

Welcome to today’s message.  Let’s think about ‘A City called Heaven’!