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3 Sins of Israel – Worship

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We will consider what was wrong with the worship in Israel and examine our own worship so that our worship will be pleasing to God.

3 Sins of Israel – Power

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What are you doing with all the power God has given to you?  Today when you woke up, did you consider that you are a member of a society that has the power to change lives all around you?  You have means, you have money, your have freedom, and you have authority.  So, what are you doing with all the power God has given to you?

3 Sins of Israel – Wealth

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We finally get to the heart of the matter in the book of Amos.  We will examine the sins of Israel and find out why God is so angry with them.  But as we do this, we must ask ourselves, ‘Could we fall into the sins of Israel?’ Yes! We certainly could.

Kings, Beware

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The time when the Lion roared in Israel, three and four did not equal seven – it equalled zero.


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Prophets are strange people.  But what happens when a prophet isn’t a prophet?  That’s the question we will consider as pastor Dan introduces us to the man called Amos.


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Why did you go to church?  What were you looking for? And, are you sure you want to find the One you say you worship?  These are strange questions, but they are exactly the kind of questions that the book of Amos asks of us. We dare to open one of the most powerful books […]