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ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Conquest

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In three hundred years since Jesus’ death and resurrection, His followers had conquered Rome. And what is more amazing is that they did it without a sword, without an army, and without a rebellion. It happened because the early church loved God with all their heart, soul and mind, and they loved their neighbour as themselves.

ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Community

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We will examine the community that started it all, the early church, and we will see that it was an extraordinary community indeed.  A community that showed God’s love.  A community that changed the world.

ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Conversion

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Conversion is so frowned upon today, that if Christians forget its importance, Christianity in Canada is in danger of disappearing.  For nothing is more important to the Christian faith than the simple profound act of conversion out of a life of sin.

ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Power

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The power of the Spirit of God came and did not give those men power to take over Rome, the Spirit didn’t give them power to gain wealth and fame, nor did the Spirit give them power to destroy their earthly enemies.  What the Spirit gave them, and us, was the power to witness for the name of Jesus.  And this is why the Church exists, and this power is far greater than any other power we can have.

ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Commitment

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In these series, Pastor Dan will show just how extraordinary the events were that formed the beginning of what we now call Christianity.  For in the moments and days following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God moved in mysterious ways, and those ways changed the face of history.