Why Psalms Matter

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We are starting a four week series on the Psalms, a unique book with a unique purpose in the Bible.  These 150 prayers have been sung throughout thousands of years and cover great moments in history, provide great wisdom, speak of the promises of God and remind us of what is to come. In addition to that, we have psalms for when you are happy, sad, sick, healthy, upset, at peace and everything in between.  The point is, no matter what you are going through or what you are feeling, never feel like you can’t pray because ‘There’s a Psalm for that!’

Pastor Greg will be introducing us to the Psalms as a way for us to stay connected with God through prayer at all times.  The psalms are a unique link to the history of our faith and a reminder that we should also sing to the Lord and give thanks no matter what may be happening around us.