ORDINARY CHURCH – Extraordinary Conquest

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On June 27th, the year AD 363, the Roman Emperor Flavius Julian lay dying at the age of 32. Julian had tried his best to end Christianity in Rome, but at the time of his death it was stronger than ever.  As he lay dying, Julian spoke his last words, “vicisti Galilaee,”   which means, “The Galilean has won.”

In three hundred years since Jesus’ death and resurrection, His followers had conquered Rome. And what is more amazing is that they did it without a sword, without an army, and without a rebellion.  This extraordinary conquest would happen because, first hundreds, then thousands, then millions of Christians would take Jesus’ greatest teaching and live it with all their hearts.

The early Church’s conquest happened because the early church loved God with all their heart, soul and mind, and they loved their neighbour as themselves.