3 Sins of Israel – Wealth

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Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to think.

Rom 12:3

We finally get to the heart of the matter in the book of Amos.  We will examine the sins of Israel and find out why God is so angry with them.  But as we do this, we must ask ourselves, ‘Could we fall into the sins of Israel?’ Yes! We certainly could.

God once told Cain that sin was crouched at his door, and that it desired to have him.  As we, who live in a land of abundance, examine the hard words of Amos, let us remember that these hard words, although difficult to hear, may in fact be our defence against the sin that desires to have us.  So now we will hear judgement.  And as we do, let us not be like the Israelites of old, who turned their ears away, and rejected the voice of God.

Hear the Word that the Lord has spoken.  Amos 3:1