Great is Thy Faithfulness – God the Father

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Our Father which art in heaven, hollowed be Thy name.

Thomas Chisholm (1866–1960) was born in log cabin in Franklin, Kentucky, and lived a very average life.  Chisholm became a Christian when he was twenty-seven and entered the ministry when he was thirty-six, though poor health forced him to retire after just one year. During the rest of his life, Chisholm spent many years living in New Jersey and working as a life insurance agent.  And yet, this ordinary man wrote one of the greatest hymns of the 20th century – Great is Thy Faithfulness.  Made famous by George Beverly Shea and the Billy Graham crusades where he sang, Great is Thy Faithfulness is still considered among the most loved hymns of all time.

The hymn teaches us about God the Father, and His faithfulness, and as we sing and study this hymn together, let us never forget that even an ordinary life is filled with extraordinary moments of God’s faithfulness to us.