2012 Update from Rommel

Hi Everyone

Things have been going well with C.N.R. Francisco, the student who I trained to give lessons, is doing great.  The more time I spend with him the more I see the beauty of Christ in him.  There is a sense of peace to know that the Lord has got a good grip on him and his passion keeps growing as he is teaching others.  When I go and visit families to introduce the program, because someone has heard of it and requested a visit,  I always make sure that I bring him along so that he can learn more.  We have a very good trust and this is one of the keys for developing a team.

Francisco is an architect but has not been working in his field for a couple of years due to his addictions in the past.  Currently he sells ice on a bicycle as he honours God by providing for His family. It has touched me deeply to see that he doesn’t care what type of work he does as long as he makes an honest living; and guys, God has honoured that. Two or three people, that knew of his work in the past, are looking for him to do some private drawings for houses.  His drawings are beautiful and if you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you would think he had done it by computer. We keep praying for him in this area and the Lord is slowly opening doors for him. He also says that he wants to always be helping others in C.N.R and that even if a good job comes his way he would make sure that it doesn’t affect his time with C.N.R.

Recently I brought in another student to the team after a lot of prayer and many confirmations from the Lord.  His name is Douglas and he has been there  since the program started.  His change was a slow process at first but now the glory of God has arrived in his life. I know this by the way he talks and the way his thinking patterns have changed, and his honesty and concerns for others.  I have found all these things out by mentoring them as the program requires on one of the steps.  One of the things that moved me about Douglas was that he loves to listen and obey and now we are seeing the rewards.  What better way to put someone in the front as well than someone who has been working the program and understands the way it works.  The apostle Paul says that we have not believed in vain and “our labour is not in vain.”  This is my joy guys, and I know it is yours as well, to see that we are reaching the addictive culture of the community and lives are being transformed.

Douglas is a welder by trade and perhaps in the near future, I pray and hope that we can also use his skills to teach other students in the program who are willing to learn a trade.  I have come across quite a few that always ask me about learning a skill trade. This is the way that I am listening to God’s voice and keep my eyes open for these things.

Francisco and Douglas are the first fruits of the program, and now they are teaching and living the life they were meant to live. Francisco loves helping people and is amazed at the man God is making out of him and he loves it. He continues to face other type of challenges today, and he understands that challenges are good because they are teaching him how to confront them and grow more in the likeness of Christ in order to comfort others.

We thank you all for all your financial support and prayers support. You are always in our prayers.

Prayer Request:   Pray that God will open doors for Francisco. Pray that Douglas continues to grow strong in the Lord. Pray for the ladies section. Pray for wisdom, discernment, compassion and favour.


Rommel and Ana Julia de Raudales

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